The Physical Web

Connect the web with the world

Over 1 billion mobile devices can now see the Physical Web.
Use to create, track and manage your Physical Web links.

Show what’s useful around you

The web of nearby physical things

The Physical Web is an open approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations.

Walk up and interact with any object -- a parking meter, a toy, a poster -- or location -- a bus stop, a museum, a store -- without installing an app first. Interactions are only a tap away.

Any object can broadcast content

Place your link on the Physical Web

Use to create, track and manage your Physical Web links. Simply paste a URL to create its Physical Web link that you can then transmit from your Android phone, your Mac laptop, a BBC micro:bit or your very own beacon device. Try it now!

It's Time

We've made the Physical Web easy. So what will you link to the real world?

items in a shop

show all the info needed to make a purchase

personal things

share your blog, tiwtter or other social profile


because all pets have a YouTube channel don't they?


show and learn more about amazing objects

something for sale

advertise your car, house or other items for sale


extend your presence at a conference

an event

share an event's schedule from each room

a building or place

show a map to navigate around a large venue


share/discover Trip Advisor reviews, websites & blogs

place to stay

advertise/find local places to stay


present/discover who's around to ask for info

hidden gems

whatever your passion, discover & share it today!

Create your Physical Web link now - no work, no setup, no cost.