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Share using a Mac, Android, Microbit or Beacon


Link to any web page

Paste the web link you want to broadcast into the form above. You can use any web URL and add a title, description, icon and emoji.


Mac, Android, Microbit or Beacon

Broadcast instantly from a Mac, Android phone, or BBC micro:bit. You can also configure a physical beacon as well.


Update your link at anytime

Login to the cloud at anytime to change/update your link, track link activity, setup new links and measure performance. great reviews

On demand, digital endorsements

Everyone likes to read a review when deciding where to eat, where to shop and where to stay. Imagine if they had your best reviews at their fingertips, at the exact time they need it. Give passers by a link to your Trip Advisor, press review or other endorsements, and make it easier for them to make the decision to walk though your door.

Where to put the beacon: Stick it in your restaurant/hotel window, on your billboard sign for maximum effect.

Get your beacon now things for sale

Your always-on digital for sale sign

If someone stops you in the street to give you a flyer, it's normally to promote something nearby - is the digital equivalent. Give buyers a quick link to the exact page on your website so they have the information they need to make a purchase or find out more.

Where to put the beacon: Stick it on your shop window, on your house's For Sale sign or in the car your selling.

Learn more social stuff

Increase your reach & create a buzz

Spreading the word about your special promotion or event is easily done on Facebook, Twitter and the like, but with you can extend that reach to a whole new digital community i.e. those who are nearby. Get your latest ideas & events on the Physical Web with links to Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, etc...and update/change as often as you like to maintain momentum and create a buzz.

Where to put your beacon: Stick it anywhere you'd put a poster - at a venue, partner location, or even a lamp post!

Drive traffic with Showio information

Any file, in the plam of your hand

The benefits of the Physical Web truly shine when it comes to sharing information, avoiding the usual hunt-and-peck. As well as providing quick links to information buried deep in your website, you can link to any other document with a URL - such as a PDF menu, Google Form, coupon, photo gallery, a YouTube video or a link to your App..the list goes on and on.

Where to put your beacon: Stick it anywhere you want to get a specific message across, such as in a meeting room, car for sale, a billboard or building entrance.

Get your message across people

Your digital pocket portfolio

With you can use a personal beacon to share links with those nearby. At a conference or meeting this could be your LinkedIn profile, a presentation on SlideShare or a link to your blog or twitter. A museum guide can link to a page profiling their expertise, a Health & Safety officer can link to relevant pdf documents on a busy building site. Beacons can also act as excellent ice-breakers for any social gathering!

Where to put your beacon: Clip it to your belt, attach to your keychain, or carry it in your briefcase or bag.

Setup your digital business card with

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